Do you want to be a successful actor?

Are you a “Wanna-Be Actor” or are you a “Serious Professional Actor”? There are far too many “aspiring actors” out there who think they can submit a photo and resume (many have no resume to speak of) and get called in to audition for major roles no matter where they live, based solely on their “looks” and “personality”. Then there are serious actors who live where auditions for lead roles take place, and have a great resume and body of work. However, acting is a serious profession that requires a constant dedication to learning and studying the craft, keeping the acting-machine tuned up and ready to audition at the highest level. Do not kid yourself into thinking that you do not have to do the hard work and learn, study, and educate yourself.

Doctors, Attorneys, Certified Public Accountants, Computer Systems Analysts, etc., must constantly study and learn to be able to get hired and keep the jobs they have. Professional Actors are no exception, they must always keep learning and studying in order to keep their skills and industry knowledge up-to-par. If you want to beat your competition and get booked on major film and television acting jobs, you MUST work hard and study acting and the business of acting. Just like weightlifting, if you do not work-out on a regular basis, your muscles become soft and flabby. If you do not keep your acting muscles working, your auditions and performances get soft and flabby. Whether you take classes, do live theatre, or create your own content on YouTube… on a regular basis… you are keeping your skills tuned-up. The best way to develop and/or maintain top acting skills, is to study and learn with the best acting teachers and coaches in the world. I also recommend studying with different teachers, thus finding various methods of performing in the most realistic ways possible.

Be the very best that you can be. Actors face very horrible odds as far as getting booked. The competition is extremely fierce. You have to be 100% confident and 100% talented. Never think that you can be successful based on your looks and personality alone. Be a truly talented professional actor. Take your career seriously, and work as hard as you can to be better than your competition. No matter what you do, you may never be a “Big Star” or “A-List Actor”. But at least give it your best shot and have some pride and dignity in what you do. Success as a professional actor is not about being rich or famous, but rather working steadily and entertaining people. Be realistic and knowledgeable about the profession of acting. If you do the right things, and make the right moves, you never know what amazing things might happen for you up there on-stage!