Theo Bray proves it is never too late to follow a dream

Ever since Theo Bray was a teenager, he knew that he had a knack and a passion for the craft of acting, and today that passion is paying off in a big way for this highly talented performer. After taking a 5-year respite from acting, Bray found that passion for performing again in 2014. That is when award winning playwright Evelyn Jones Reed decided to cast him in a lead role in her gospel stage play “Hallelujah He Reigns”, playing Caiaphas The High Priest. Now Bray can be seen in the upcoming romantic comedy “Kaylah”, a project that he wrote, directed, and played the role of Nate. “Kaylah” tells the story of two world’s colliding when a mama’s boy prepares for marriage but can’t shake his mother’s grasp.

Theo Bray proves it is never too late to follow a dream 1

Theo Bray, seen here in “Kaylah”.

Theo Bray, who is a minister of the Gospel, was born in Fort Worth, Texas and graduated from Dunbar High School, and later graduated from Oral Roberts University. As a teen, Bray received numerous honors in Drama, including being a 1998 ACT-50 Winner in Dramatics, to date the only national winner from Fort Worth, Texas in the area of Drama in the 26-year history of the event. With an extensive background in theatre, Bray has more recently decided to focus more on the film and television arenas.

Bray’s long list of screen credits include the REELZCHANNEL crime-documentary series “Murder Made Me Famous”, in which he played the role of a forensic specialist; the multiple film festival award winning narrative short-story film “Dana’s Story” written and produced by A.L. Smith and directed by Huey Rawls; the Rolling Dog Pictures drama feature film “Saving the Tin Man”; and the award winning webseries “The Network” playing a principal role, among many others. Bray also has a number of television commercials under his belt.

Acting Coach Theo Bray

Theo Bray is a respected acting coach who teaches and mentors actors at all levels.

Although Theo Bray possesses a natural character trait and personality that makes him very likable, he commands the ability to portray many different character ranges at a performance level that is remarkable. Bray uses his gift of acting, deep knowledge of the entertainment industry, and life’s experience as an acting coach to teach and mentor aspiring and professional actors alike. Bray is also a talented Spoken Word Poetry artist. Next up for Theo Bray will be shooting on the REELZCHANNEL documentary series “Scandal Made Me Famous”, where he will be playing an attorney. He has also been booked to play a supporting role in Arquila Todd’s miniseries “The Master’s Plan”.

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Theo Bray proves it is never too late to follow a dream 2

“Kaylah” will be available at Amazon in June, 2017.