International Talent Search for 10 year old girl to star in FOX Searchlight film ‘iOrigins’

iOrigins National Talent Search

“iOrigins” will commence principal photography beginning January, 2013.
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FOX Searchlight Pictures in association with Artists Public Domain will begin production on the futuristic sci-fi drama feature film “iOrigins” in January, 2013. The shooting locations will be in Los Angeles and in the country of India. The casting directors based in New York City are conducting an international talent search for a girl who can play a 10 year old to star in the film. They are seeking a girl of  “Indian descent, a beautiful wild child”. The character speaks English not so well and doesn’t have the American mannerisms that a 10 year old who went to schools in the states would have. Interested talent can submit an audition video to be considered.

“iOrigins” connects the lives of the most unlikely people from around the globe in the year 2020. One doctor named Elliot on the brink of the scientific discovery of reincarnation which will have historical ramifications, as every person on the planet is responsible for the actions committed in their past lives. After being convicted of murdering his girlfriend, Elliot commits suicide and comes back to earth reincarnated as Jack. He then travels to India to search for the one person, a young Indian girl named Salomina, who can prove or disprove his theory. Jack must find out the truth about his past life and how it affects his future. The story follows the incredible journeys which bring these strangers together, and proves there is no separating matters of science and matters of the heart.

Starring in “iOrigins” is two-time Screen Actors Guild Awards winner Michael Pitt playing the role of Elliot/Jack. Pitt played the role of Henry Parker on The WB Television Network series “Dawson’s Creek,” and Jimmy Darmody on the HBO series “Boardwalk Empire”. His film credits include “Finding Forrester,” “Bully,” “The Village,” and the recently completed “You Can’t Win”. Also starring is the incredibly beautiful and talented Brit Marling, who is a four-time Independent Spirit Awards nominee. Marling recently acted in the upcoming films “The Green Blade Rises,” “The East, and is currently filming “Posthumous”. She has also wrote, directed and produced feature films and documentaries.

Directing is two-time Independent Spirit Awards nominee Mike Cahill from an original screenplay that he wrote himself. Cahill has a close professional relationship with actress Brit Marling, and the two have collaborated previously on the Fox Searchlight Pictures feature film “Another Earth”. Marling was producer/writer/actress while Cahill was director/writer/producer/cinematographer/editor. They also collaborated on the documentary “Boxers and Ballerinas,” on which they both served as directors/writers/cinematographers/editors. Cahill met Marling while he was attending Georgetown University at a Georgetown film festival.

Producing “iOrigins” is Hunter Gray and Alex Orlovsky of Artists Public Domain. Gray and Orlovsky also collaborated with Mike Cahill and Brit Marling on “Another Earth,” which earned them Independent Spirit Award nominations. Artists Public Domain produced the film “Half Nelson” starring Ryan Gosling among several other independent films. Phaedon Papadopoulos will also produce, and was Post-production Supervisor/Unit Production Manager on “Another Earth”.

iOrigins National Talent Search Details

The Casting Society of America ARTIOS Award winning casting team of James Calleri and Paul Davis are conducting a worldwide talent search for the following:

[SALOMINA] Female, 10 years old. Indian descent, a beautiful wild child.

Character Description: Impoverished Indian girl living in Delhi. Very sweet, very smart, slightly feral (a beautiful wild child). Deeply soulful and compelling. Once a frequent visitor at the Save the Children community center, she now works as a maid after the death of her mother and her father’s descent into addiction. Speaks English not so well and doesn’t have the American mannerisms that a 10 year old who went to schools in the states would have.

Talent from all areas of the United States, India, and every corner of the world can upload an audition video on the Official Fox Searchlight Pictures casting website hosted by Cast It Talent.

Important information about uploading audition videos:

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Producers: Hunter Gray, Alex Orlovsky, Phaedon Papadopoulos

Writer/Director: Mike Cahill


Michael Pitt
Brit Marling


In the year 2020 it is discovered that reincarnation is real leaving every person on the planet responsible for the actions committed in their past lives. Elliot is convicted of murdering his girlfriend but kills himself and is reincarnated as Jack, who must find out the truth about his past life and how it affects his future.

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