Feature film ‘The Bathroom’ begins casting lead roles

The independent thriller feature film “The Bathroom” will begin shooting in Orlando, Florida in March, 2017. The film’s producer/director Antonio R. Cannady is now accepting submissions from actors for lead and supporting roles. Those selected from the initial email submissions will be invited to audition by video. Orlando based actors are preferred, but they will consider all others if they are willing to provide their own travel and lodging. All actors MUST be legally eligible to work in the entertainment industry in Orlando, Florida. The information can be found in the Orlando Actors Resource Guide eBook.

TITLE: The Bathroom
GENRE: Thriller/Horror
RUN TIME: 90 mins
COMPENSATION: SAG Ultra Low Budget Daily Rate (deferred), Credit, Copy.

SYNOPSIS: Some people hide their skeletons in their closets, Angela has a different place in mind. The Bathroom tells the story of Angela, A mysterious bartender with a shady past and bad attitude spending half her time working in a dive bar, and the other half bringing drunk patrons back to her place to seduce them in order to sacrifice them to her special project hiding behind her bathroom door.

The following roles are being cast:

ANGELA – Female, 20-30 Caucasian. Angela is a talented artist who makes a living working at a local dive bar and part-time artist. She’s beautiful smart and also very dark. LEAD ROLE.

DAVID – Male, 20-30, Caucasian. A smart man who made a very stupid mistake one night. LEAD ROLE.

CADENCE – Female, 20-30, Caucasian. Smart, attractive and the soon to be fiancés of David. SUPPORTING LEAD ROLE.

LISSA – Female, 20-30, any ethnicity. Works alongside Angela in a local bar. Those two are the best of Frenemies. SUPPORTING LEAD ROLE.

DR. ROY – Male, 40-50, Caucasian. Angela’s deceitful and manipulating psychiatrist. SUPPORTING ROLE.

VICK – Male, 20-30, any ethnicity. A bit of a partier, but he’s also David’s best friend. SUPPORTING ROLE.

JAX – Male, 20-30, any ethnicity. A bit of a tough guy, but becomes emotionally weak in stressful situations. SUPPORTING ROLE.

JUSTIN – Male, 20-30, any ethnicity. Aggressive and disrespectful. A plain old douche bag. SUPPORTING ROLE.

CAR SALESMAN – Male, 40-50’s, any ethnicity. Owner of a small used car lot. Been in the business way to long.

BIKER – Male, age open, any ethnicity. A loud unruly type of fella with a bad attitude.

BAR PATRON – Male, age open, any ethnicity. Drunk, unruly and regular at the local dive bar.

POPPY – Female, 20-30, any ethnicity. Angela’s party supplier.

MASON – Male, 40-50, Caucasian. Angela’s ex-con father.

LITTLE GIRL – Female, 5-10, Caucasian. A young Angela.

PATTY – Female, 40-50’S, any ethnicity. Angela’s overly hyper agent.

JAMES – Male, 20-30’S, any ethnicity. Works as a bar back at the local dive bar.

FEMALE JOGGER – Female, 20-30, any ethnicity. Casual jogger in the park that takes notice of Dr. Roy.

To be considered, please email a headshot and resume, along with links to your demo reels if available to the following:


Put the name of the role that you are submitting for in the SUBJECT LINE of your email. The first round of auditions will be video submissions, the callbacks will be held in person. If selected to audition, you will be contacted with further instructions.


ORLANDO, FL – December, 16, 2016. Onio Films has announced that it has begun pre-production on the psychological suspense thriller The Bathroom movie with a slated release stated for Summer 2017. The script was written by Antonio R. Cannady, who will also direct and produce. Presented as a psychological suspense thriller with a tinge of horror, The Bathroom tells the story of a young woman who’s fueled by a dark past and a manipulated present as she exacts revenge on a slew of unsuspecting victims. The film will be produced and distributed by Onio Films as the flagship property being released by the company. A sequel for “The Bathroom” is already in the works. Director of Development, Jason Deck states: “We have a lot of excitement for this project and look forward to building on the central character’s story.” Casting is underway and production is scheduled to commence during the month of March, 2017.

About Onio Films:

Launched in 2016, Onio Films is an independent production company that produces, distributes and markets feature films, web series and scripted TV shows.