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All acting programs are not created equal. Some places are full program acting schools, while others offer acting classes that are independent of a unified program. Acting class is a very personal experience, and choosing the right acting class is important because not all acting classes will be right for everyone. For some people, scene study class will be what they need, others may need an on-camera cold reading class to help with audition skills. Some people will need a beginning acting class, and others will want an advanced acting class that provides steeper challenges. Some places are full service acting studios and held in theaters, and others are classes taught in the tiniest of rented spaces. And of course, how the teacher runs class, and his or her personality will affect people differently.

Overall, comprehensive actor training encompasses many things, and if you are an actor looking for a beginner acting class, my suggestion is that you audit a few classes, read what you can online and ask around for feedback from other actors you know. Not all acting teachers let audits into their classes. This does not necessarily mean that they are scam artists afraid that you will run when you see what they offer, but often, it is because the environment of acting class is so personal and it is so important that there be a safe space for people in the class to perform. Strangers in the audience can distract and detract from that cocoon that allows an actors to take risks in acting class that might not otherwise, so don’t take it personally if you are told you can’t audit. Some acting teachers also offer audition coaching, and to know who they are, look for an (AC) after their name. Starred classes come with my personal recommendation based on knowledge of the quality of the classes and/or instructors.

Also, please note, cold reading classes are not the same thing as cold reading workshops. Cold reading classes can teach you how to give a good audition and change your professional life. Actors who attend cold reading workshops are paying to be seen by a casting director, and it is expected that they already know how to perform an audition-quality cold reading. Some casting directors also teach cold reading classes, which is fine, as long as the casting director is a good teacher, which some are and some definitely aren’t. So choose carefully. Find a class you love. And don’t be afraid to grow.

Acting Classes: Los Angeles

*Cliff Osmond
*Howard Fine Acting Studio
*Beverly Hills Playhouse/Milton Katselas
*On Camera Audition/Cold Reading Classes/Richard Lawson (AC)
*Edgemar Center for the Arts/Larry Moss (AC)
*Judy Kerr: Acting Is Everything (AC)
*Caryn West (AC)
*Judith Weston Acting Studio
Stella Adler LA
Doug Warhit
Gene Bua: Acting for Life
Improv/Comedy Classes – The Groundlings
Improv/Comedy Classes- Second City
L.A. Theatresports (Improv)
*Bob Corff–Voice Coach
Fran Montano Actors Workout Studio (AC)
Al Feinstein and Paul Tuerpe
David Kagen’s School of Film Acting
Alexia Robinson Studio
Elisa Eliot, Acting Coach

Acting Classes: New York

*The Actors Studio
*New Actors Workshop
HB Studios
Acting on Film – Peter Kelley (Larry Silverberg–Meisner Techniques)
Ed Kovens (Strasberg Techniques)(AC)
The Acting Studio (Chelsea Repertory)
Jim Bonney Acting Studio

Acting Class New York
Improv/Comedy Classes- Second City

Career Coaching
Professional acting career advice on a personal basis from former Los Angeles talent agent Terry Lichtman

*Co-active Life Coaching by Morgana

Motivation Coaching (NY/Online Group)

The Rocamora School (LA)


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