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The Multi-Talented Victor Jones – IMDb | Facebook Page | Twitter


Introducing London Curtis – Facebook | Official London Curtis Website | Twitter | YouTube | Actors Access


Actor/Director/Writer Jill Melody – IMDb | Facebook Page | Official Jill Melody Website


Check out Australian singer Bianca Wylie! – YouTube | Star Now


Will Steckman – Facebook | Google+ | IMDb | Backstage


Producer and Actress Carmi Fellwock – Official Carmi Fellwock Website | Theocentric Productions | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Demo Reel


Presenting the talented Zoe Hutton – IMDb


The multi-talented Jessie McLachlan – IMDb | Official Jessie McLachlan Website | YouTube | Instagram


Check out the up-and-coming star Samuel French – IMDb | Official Facebook Fan Page | Twitter | Instagram


The Amazing Monica Duran! – Monista Arts & Designs | Facebook


Introducing the Beautiful and Talented Wilhelmenia Ford – IMDb | Official Website | Facebook | Twitter | Linkedin


Please take a look at Actor/Producer Corlandos Scott – IMDb | YouTube – “Everyday Law” | Twitter


The Talented James Burleson! – IMDb | Demo Reel | Official website | Facebook Fan Page | Twitter


The Highly Respected Filmmaker/Actress/Record Label Owner Lunden De’Leon! – IMDb | Dirrty Records | Palmetto Films | Facebook | Twitter


Check out Venezuelan actor Carlos Antonio León! – Official Website | Demo Reel | IMDb | Facebook | Twitter


Announcing Actor/Producer Ketrick “Jazz” Copeland! – Official Website | IMDb | Actors Access | Facebook | Demo Reel | Twitter


Introducing Young Artist Awards nominee Angel Berry! – IMDb | Facebook | iTunes | Twitter | Official Website


Check out Award Winning Actress Kaitlin Cheung! – IMDb | Facebook | Demo Reels | Twitter | Official Website


Introducing Filmmaker Frederick Tabiyus Nah IV of Phoenix 4 Productions! – IMDb | Facebook | Twitter | Phoenix 4 Productions Official Website


Take a look at the talented Anita Cordell! – IMDb | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube


The Talented Rising Young Star Daniel Castine! – IMDb | Facebook | Demo Reel


Presenting Rising Star Scott Olsen! – IMDb | Facebook | Demo/Clips | Twitter


Take a look at Young Rising Star Mackenzie Coffman! – IMDb | IMDb Pro | TV Commercial


Here is Rising Star Ekaterina Zharkova! – IMDb | Facebook Profile


Check out Rising Star Mina Polanko! – IMDb | Actors Access | Facebook Fan Page


Check out Amazing Young Actress Hawley Penfold! – IMDb | Official Website | Facebook Fan Page


Check out Awesome New Star Stefanie Satchik! – IMDb | The Talent Group (talent agency) | Facebook | Twitter


Please take a look at Young Rising Star Kaleb Miller – ISpot.tv Commercial Page | IMDb | YouTube | Now Casting | Google+ (lot’s of pictures, footage and links)


Check out the links for Award Winning Actor Erik A. Williams – IMDb | Official Website | Facebook Fan Page | Twitter | Instagram | Happy Ending Funding Campaign


Check out the Official Website of Rising Star Robbie Haupt! Here is Robbie’s Facebook Page, YouTube Video #1 ‘Robbie Rowbike’, and YouTube Video #2 ‘Masta Distracta’!


Click Here to visit the IMDb Page of Rising Star Olivia Rose Eierman!


Check out Actor/Producer Hameed Sheikh of PiFilms at IMDb!


Beyer Photography


Click Here To See Rising Star Actor/Director Orlando Ricci at IMDb!


Please Check Out Rising Star Andreas Orrego at IMDb – Just Click Here!


Check out Rising Star Jean Miguel Fils-Aime!


Click Here to check out Rising New Star Ryan Wolff at One Source Talent! Member #89669


Camila Correa – Rising Young Star! See her at Star Now!


Courtney Rood – Check out this exciting rising young star!


JD Charisma (JDC) – If you need an actor for your project, check me out at www.JDCharisma.com


Rising Star Polly Giles – Actress/Singer/Precision Driver


Need your post-apocalyptic fix? Watch “Day Zero” the award-winning web/TV series right now!


Elijah T. Kelly – Young Actor: Official WebsiteIMDbFacebook Page


Tiffany Burns – Actress


Bette Camille Dominguez – Actress


Cynthia Stone – Fast becoming a rising star. An accomplished Actress/Model/Singer/V.O./Host/Writer, she is also a certified Social Worker, Life Skills Coach, Addictions Counselor & Community Worker. YouTubeFacebookIMDbModel MayhemLinkedin


Sophia Linkletter – Young Actress


Alexander Behrang Keshtkar – Actor


Kieran Boyle – Young Actor


Valerie Dodson – Actress


Rebeca Donovan – Actress


Matthew Owen Kozak – Young Actor


Daniel Fissmer – Actor (click here for Demo Reel)


Intervention – The Web Series


A. Michelle Harleston – Actress


Ethann Sinclair – Actor


Clapboard Madness – Kyle Schieffer


Lauren York – Actress


Raine Schrader – Actress


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